Work Methodolgy

Logo Design
Logomart likes to keep things simple for you and your business, with six step process. These easy steps take you from ordering your package to the delivery of your final product.

Step One
Compare our package options, consider your needs

Step Two
Select the package that will best suit your business needs, and complete the payment process

Step Three
Complete the detailed brief, in as much detail as possible. Please take the time to consider style, colours, message and any other ideas and concepts that will reflect your business and the message you wish to convey. If possible, please give us examples of concepts you like and tell us why - this will help us with insights to your expectations

Step Four
We will get deliver your concepts within the timeframe identified in the selected package details

Step Five
Following your review of the concepts, we will complete the modifications you request

Step Six
You will receive the final delivery of your new logo, including copyright ownership

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